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We're a diverse group of engineering graduates from Case Western Reserve University

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Evan Haug

Evan spent four years as an electrical and solar engineer before starting Leaf to develop a tool for automating the most tedious, repetitive associated with solar design.

CEO, Founder
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Cooper Reif

Cooper studied mechanical engineering with a minor in entrepreneurship and has extensive experience in managing teams from his experience at Deloitte.

COO, Co-Founder
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Ben Trabold

Oversees product development, manages dev contractors, leads authentication, licensing and security, and contributes heavily to our cloud architecture.

CTO, Co-Founder
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Jake Prusky

Oversees development of AI algorithms behind automations, especially in reinforcement learning. Leads API integration with open-source engineering tools and cloud architecture.

Head of AI, Co-Founder
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Kehley Coleman

Kehley has extensive experience in R&D labs and professional communication. She leads the customer relations, marketing, and application/grant writing efforts.

CMO, Co-Founder

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